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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

rainy day, please?

i wish it would rain. but as usual in florida, christmas day is scheduled to be 81 degrees and sunny. just like summer.

i'm beginning to remember why i wanted to leave this state so badly.


sam said...

А почему дождь а не снег!?
Ведь снег это лучше на рождество!

contrarian 78 said...

Just read this quote from Chesterton....very relevant and poetic, indeed.

And indeed this is the last and not the least gracious of the casual works
of magic wrought by rain: that while it decreases light, yet it doubles it.
If it dims the sky, it brightens the earth. It gives the roads (to the
sympathetic eye) something of the beauty of Venice. Shallow lakes of
water reiterate every detail of earth and sky; we dwell in a double
universe. Sometimes walking upon bare and lustrous pavements, wet under
numerous lamps, a man seems a black blot on all that golden looking-glass,
and could fancy he was flying in a yellow sky. But wherever trees and
towns hang head downwards in a pigmy puddle, the sense of Celestial
topsy-turvydom is the same. This bright, wet, dazzling confusion of shape
and shadow, of reality and reflection, will appeal strongly to any one
with the transcendental instinct about this dreamy and dual life of ours.
It will always give a man the strange sense of looking down at the skies.

sam said...

обона! Тут стихи пишут!

Jonathan said...

Even in Phoenix, AZ we had rain... In fact, had we been here (instead of Arkansas), we could have gone north an hour and gotten snow. I guess Florida's weather is nice only if you don't have to live in it all the time.