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Friday, December 12, 2008

the insanity of disney

seriously, how is it possible that people will pay almost a hundred dollars per adult to get into disney? i mean that is just insane. pretty soon people will have to start donating kidneys to get in. i've been wanting to take the kids for awhile, and i was thinking about going once the barfing clears up, but holy cow! fortunately, i signed up for that go free on your birthday thing so i guess that's 80 bucks less than i'd have to pay normally.

i would say the prices are unconscionable but obviously people are still willing to pay them. i do feel sorry for those people who save up for years to travel to orlando or anaheim and take their family on the "ultimate" vacation. maybe i'm jaded from having been to both parks so many times, but i don't see anything that thrilling about the idea of a week of theme parks. and you can see it in their eyes, too--those sad, weary-eyed adults trailing a gaggle of cranky, overstimulated children, all sporting an angry red farmer tan from a week of florida sun...poor deluded midwesterners and brits. those touting the magic of disney have a lot to answer for in that regard. but, oh, we are a gullible breed. for all my disbelief and cyncism i still can't wait to take my kids there again, and my biggest grief isn't really the prices, but the fact that they don't let preggies ride space mountain.

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sam said...

а я всегда говорил что динейленд - не самое хорошее место в мире!!!