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Thursday, November 6, 2008

where my foot lives

so, i'm an idiot. not only do i say stupid things that are misconstrued as mean or malicious, i write them, too. you'd think having the time to type things would give a person like me ample opportunity to NOT be inadvertently rude. but no. it seems i'm an equal opportunity offender.

i didn't realize that "trendy" is a negative thing to say--trendy to me equals whatever happens to be cool at a given time, and since every last person i know wants to be cool (who wants to be an outdated nerd? i certainly don't) i just don't associate the word with something that's bad. but apparently other people do. and thus my use of the word gets me into trouble.

but this is not an isolated event, because apparently i say stupid, rude-sounding crap all the time. it's like i have diarrhea of the mouth combined with being overly opinionated--a lethal combination. i'm trying to be careful, and to be quiet, but unfortunately i fail half the time.

which might lead you to wonder what kind of trouble i'd be in if i was saying whatever popped into my head the other half of the time.

as usual, my foot lives in my mouth.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

"Trendy" is negative? Apparently you're not the only one who is unaware of its pejorative power.