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Friday, September 5, 2008

ilya's dream

last night i dreamed about something SO SAD.

first i dreamed i was in heaven ("but that's not sad," interrupts mom)
i know it's not sad i'm not done yet
i was in heaven and there was a good fish.
there was a bad fish too and he had a silly little red silly string on him
so i let him go in the water and he just swimded away
and then i was at miss gina's house
but the back of the house falled off and that was so WEIRD
and then it went back again
and then it falled off again
then it went back on again
then it felled off again
and then moses went RAAAAAR because he was going to bit me.
and then that girl said i couldn't touch his back because i'm not allowed and he doesn't like it and then the house falled off again and then i just waked up.


Steve Nelson said...

Oh yeah... I've had that one.

sam said...


foldreformer said...

Looks like he has your gift :O)