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Friday, June 27, 2008

it's not your boxing ring

listen up peeps. my blog is not a battlefield, so quit using it to wage comment wars. if you can't play nice you can't play at all.

you know who you are...


Jonathan said...

Let's get ready to rumble! OK, OK, sorry. But can I use your blog to advertise mine?

I just wrote one about the SECRET history of Star Wars. ;)

foldreformer said...

Thank you, Jonathan, for your kind and comedic "breaking of the ice" ;O)

Sorry Jenn, sometimes one (as in me) gets caught up in the moment and forgets appropriatness :O)


foldreformer said...

Oh, I can't resist: Shouldn't it be "Bloxing Ring" ? :O)

contrarian 78 said...

If I ever post something that allows you to defend yourself on some esoteric (or concrete) point, I won't mind if any sort of tussle emerges.