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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

putting the "fun" in fungus

yesterday we had the first fun memorial day in....well, ever. i honestly can't remember ever doing anything holiday-ish on either memorial or labor day. when we woke up i figured we'd just be hanging out at the house, but then zac told me we'd all been invited to--hold on--his brother-in-law's wife's dad's house for food and hanging out at the beach. relations here are pretty convoluted--every time i've been anywhere since we got here there are a million boyfriends, in-law's family friends, etc., and it's nearly impossible to tell who is who and how they're all related/acquainted. still, the general chaos is quite entertaining, so we decided to go.

the condo was right on the water, so we set up all our stuff just down from the building and spent hours laying out and playing, taking occasional breaks to go inside and eat. i think that's the longest i've ever stayed at a beach without dying of boredom, and i was especially surprised by art. normally an hour is the max he can sit at the beach before he gets bored and wants to leave. i guess the difference was that this time he had something to do, i.e. football tossing and skimboarding with the other guys.

all in all it was a great day, we got some sun, i finally got to swim (almost a year since i last swam--i was dying!) and we had the added bonus of applying salt water to our family fungus!

right before we left north carolina xander had some weird bumps on his left ankle. i didn't really pay too much attention at first--he was always scratched, bruised, or raspberry-covered from playing outside. but after a day here in tampa he had what looked like a giant U of bumps on his forearm. i continued to keep an eye on it, and it started to spread and the existing patches became very swollen. then i got some. then art. then ilya. now we're a whole family of fungi! we went to the walk in clinic and $100 later (and about 2.5 seconds of actual time with the doctor) we had a list of good athlete's foot medicine to buy for slathering. yuck! fortunately xander's seems better, although it's everywhere, but now ilya is getting more patches all over. i missed church on sunday because we were worried about spreading our cooties. very fun.

anyway, whoever is reading this please pray for our family. we are running out of money and there is still no job. pray that we would be able to trust God in this hard time and that He would provide art with the perfect job for our family.


melissaamatangelo said...

That sounds like a fun day, so many wonderful things to do in Florida. We will keep praying for you guys.

Jonathan said...

We're off-line now, for the most part, but I will relay the prayer request to the family. This is a tough economic climate for engineers...

Steve Nelson said...

The family that gets fungus together, stays together.

We are praying for you guys, especially with the whole "job" situation. I look forward to some awesome answers to prayer!

Miss ya!