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Friday, March 21, 2008

selective germaphobe

this has really nothing to do with anything, but this morning i was thinking that i'm a selective germaphobe.

if i'm friends with someone, and i'm fairly well assured of their personal hygiene, then i have no problem drinking out of their cup. i would eat food off their plate as well. but i would never, EVER use someone else's fork or spoon.

i try to avoid sitting on a public toilet seat, but i don't think twice about doing it at someone's house.

i never remember to wash my hands after handling money which is one of the grossest things there is. i just forget until it's too late.

on a related note, the other day my mother in law tried to give me a hanky (scrap of fabric, not christmas poo) and was rather offended, i think, by my horrified reaction. this is something that literally makes me want to throw up. i've always had a mucus aversion (ah, the good old days of suctioning snot out of a parapleagic's tracheotomy) and the idea of a person blowing their nose into a piece of material then shoving it back in their pocket for use later is revolting. i think blowing one's nose in public should be outlawed, actually, but that's just a personal opinion. something else i find equally horrifying is watching someone pick crap out of their teeth with a toothpick. blech.

and yet if a person farts out loud i can't help but giggle.

there's a strange dichotomy here...


Heather said...

I cannot let anyone wash my dishes for me. If they do, I often re-wash them when they're not looking! =0)

Jonathan said...

See, most of that doesn't gross me out. What I can't handle is other people's masticated food. You'd probably laugh, but it makes me gag, depending on the circumstances.