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Monday, December 17, 2007


i don't mean to come across as panicky and pitiable in these posts of mine. my intent is to be honest, in the hopes that maybe at some point our little adventures will be encouraging to somebody. maybe some people would rather read about a happy little elf and a furry bunny living in a cute forest with lots of cute flowers and mushrooms...if that is the case, you might want to read another blog.

that isn't to say that i'm expecting all of our life here in russia (however long or short a period of time that may end up being) to be dismal and depressing. i sincerely hope that at some point soon things start improving. i'm mostly just trying to be open about our experiences because i have a personal aversion to fakeness, or at least that pride that people exhibit when they hide behind a facade of happiness. because everyone knows that a truly good christian will always be blessed with health, happiness, and loads of money. a depressed, confused christian cannot possibly be a good christian, right? personally, the stories i like the best are the ones where people go through hard times and feel real emotions about things. maybe it's dumb of me, maybe i should be slap a happy face sticker on every post, but i'm not going to. it's just a warning.


contrarian 78 said...

If there is a time to mourn, who are we to think that mourning is wrong?

How many psalms begin with outright complaint about the state of the world/ourselves/etc?

There is an utter disconnect between the normal portrayal of the Christian life and these concepts.

Jonathan said...

Since I left Bible College, I've discovered one thing. Being a Christian is hard. But I think we were promised that. Your blogs are something I look forward to reading because they often offer a viewpoint that I would not see if I were in your situation. They are at the very least educational, but usually I find them to be inspirational. As soon as your cellphone starts working, Amber will call you.