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Sunday, November 18, 2007

from the mouth of babes

earlier this week ilya, who is four, was looking at a picture of he and i that was taken when he was a little over a year old. he started asking me questions about being a baby, and where he was before that. i casually said, "in my tummy," to which he answered with a bewildered and somewhat skeptical expression, "i was in your TUMMY?" i said yes. he dropped it and we moved on to discussing astronauts.

a few days later we were sitting in his room, doing our preschool stuff, and out of nowhere he asked, "did i ruin your tummy when i came out?" to which i responded, "no, of course not." which isn't necessarily the truth, but there's no need to scar the kid even if he did scar me. ha.

well, apparently this has really been on his mind lately. today we were eating breakfast, and he was staring into his bowl of shredded wheat contemplatively. finally he looked at me, my stomach, then back at me and asked, "mom...did you eat me when i was in your tummy?" to which i responded with a garbled, "no, ilya," then had to flee the scene before i lost it.

later today we were trying to watch kingdom of heaven, which if you don't already know is about the crusaders. we sent the boys to play in their room, but xander came out and sat down next to me. we try to be really careful about what sorts of things we let them see, and the fighting scenes were a little too graphic for them, (and xander kept a running commentary: ooh! he killed him! oh there's fire! oh he killed them all!) so we stopped it. out of nowhere xander sits up bolt upright and yells, "i'm in the Lords army--yes sir!!"

sometimes it's just amazing the way little kids' minds work. and oftentimes, when it's not horribly embarrassing and inappropriate, it's just plain hilarious.


Heather said...

Lol! Dude, that's hilarious!!! You should have told Ilya that he tasted good and then let out a loud belch for effect!

When I was young, my grandfather used to take us out to a restaurant every Sunday after church. Whenever my brothers or I would misbehave, my grandfather would tell us about the restaurant's bouncer - a giant man with pointy ears and sharp teeth, who takes bad little boys and girls down into the dungeon to torture them, and never lets them see their parents again! Needless to say, I was an angel at restaurants! I love my grandfather - he certainly has a way with children... And now that I'm an adult, I fully intend to carry on the bouncer tradition! =0)

contrarian 78 said...

i think this post needs a dual title--
from the mouth of babes/the stomachs of mothers

Steve said...

"I'm in the Lord's Army. Yes sir!" That's hilarious! I'm not gonna lie, I just laughed out loud for real.

foldreformer said...

I had this same conversation with Faith when I was pregnant. She knew I had a baby in my "tummy". Then one day during dinner she asked me where my green beans had gone, I told her that I had eaten them, they were in my tummy. Her eyes widened and I saw her cogs turning. Then came the inevitable question.