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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


well, folks, we've got just over a week to go and then it's "asta la vista florida!"

or should i say...DOSVIDANYA!!

i have packed about three whole boxes. woohoo!! they're all books of course. i'm trying to find homes for things people might need, otherwise it's all going to be plundered by the salvation army next thursday. not that i have a problem with low-income families and miserly thrift-store hounds buying up my former stuff at the local goodwill, but i'd rather give my peeps at church first dibs if you know what i mean.

in some ways it's weird to think of all my crappy bits of furniture, dishes, books, and random paraphanelia being sown to the wind--after all, they've been part of our home for years. but then it's all on loan anyway, and doesn't really matter. even if our stuff had been awesome, even if we'd had a dream home (which is, of course, a big log house in colorado or something)it still would have been on loan. what do we really own as christians anyway? i guess we ought to be thankful to God when we have plenty, and be thankful when it's all taken away that someone else might be blessed by the stuff we once had.

in unrelated news, i want to play oblivion. and in a week and a half, i will!!


Jonathan said...

How are you getting to play Oblivion?

jenn grigoryev! said...

mi hermano has an xbox 360. he has also informed me that i WILL be playing bioshock when i visit as well. and watching 300 on his new HD thingamabob.

Jonathan said...

You could have played Oblivion when you visited us, I just didn't think you wanted to. I haven't got Bioshock, I haven't made up my mind whether to get it... tell me if you like it.