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Saturday, September 8, 2007


i tell you, there's nothing quite so fun as a disturbing/annoying phone call followed by getting a concussion. really.

so yeah...i fell ice skating (big surprise!) and instead of my customary pitch-forward-and-hit-knees fall, watched as my feet flew right up in the air. it was an interesting sight right up until the point where the back of my head met the ice. at least this was the first time i've actually fallen on my head while ice-skating. for those of you who understand my clumsiness, it's something of a record. can't say i enjoy it, though. i've had really bad headaches for the last few weeks, and the big goose-egg on my noggin certainly did nothing to help with that.

the phone call i won't get into. suffice it to say that as a result of it,i did not go to my skating lesson with the glee i customarily have.

on the bright side, i got to clothesline a kid today! woohoo! the rink was crowded with throngs of children who were both incapable of skating and lacking the common sense it takes to recognize that everyone else is skating in one direction. a little girl turned right in front of me while i had my arms out to the sides and wham! it was like nacho libre on ice. beautiful. of course this caused me to fall again but that one at least was worth it.

in unrelated news, i read "the giver" for the first time today. short, sad, and a little disturbing. but a good book. i'd recommend it. next in line is phillip pullman's "the golden compass." i'm on a juvie fiction kick i guess.


contrarian 78 said...

what do you think of le petit prince?
i loved it.

jenn grigoryev! said...

the one by antoine de saint-exupéry? it's great. art bought that one for me years ago--it took him forever to find, too.

the moomin books by tove jansson are good, too, but more weird and less dark and sad.

Jonathan said...

I had the good fortune to read Le Petit Prince when I was still literate in French. I can't say enough about reading a book in it's original language.

As for your fall on the ice, my head aches in sympathy. Ice is harder than concrete. Please be careful!