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Thursday, July 5, 2007

the hours i'll have lost

i just wanted to give a shout out to my thoughtful husband, who sent me this link this morning: LOSTPEDIA

thanks to him all of my projects will now be on hold, as i can't seem to stop reading all the articles that are on this site. seriously. i didn't realize there were so many theories, and so many things in the show i never noticed. of course, i don't have enough time on my hands to come up with really technical explanations of why the sky turned purple, etc. but the layering on this show is insane! and just for the record, people who compare LOST to inane poop like "survivor" may as well be comparing baltika 8 with budweiser.

i just hope i can watch season four in russia. or i will die.


foldreformer said...

Believe me you will not die, you'' just be...Lost!

Ilya & Ira said...

We haven't seen the third season yet. I checked out the site and accidentally found that Charlie died - oops.